Lakeside Shipbuilding Event

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Lakeside Shipbuilding Event

Post by Delilah » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:09 pm

The first shipbuilding event for the wood project was a smashing success! There was plenty of food, drink, and excellent company. A total of 30 people came to try their hand at shipbuilding and much experience was gained by all. I want to thank everyone for their time, effort and donations of parts/supplies. All of it came together to make this a huge success.
Shipbuilding event.jpg
Everyone that showed up found a place to use their skills, from working on the ships to making parts for future shipbuilding events.
small sailing boat.jpg
We managed to finish two small sailing boats. Malsheck, Tidaril, Lazarus, and many others shared space around this boat. Everyone worked together to make it light work.
There was a lot of drinking and merriment going on underneath this corbita as it was being assembled. Valiance, Kaylie, Cyno, Kishnar, and several others seemed to be up to shenanigans as they worked, drank, and played. At the end of the day though, we had a beautiful chestnut corbita.
Not many had the skill needed to work on the cog. Helgi and a few others worked hard and got much of the ship assembled, however there is still work to be done to complete it. Helgi and Nevyn also worked on the knarr for part of the day.
Making parts.jpg
For those without the skill level needed to work on the ships themselves there were plenty of parts to be made and they worked diligently on them and nearly filled a bulk storage bin with tenons, hull planks, and assorted parts.

Throughout the day we took three rest breaks. During those breaks, Valiance and Kaylie presented prizes awarded by raffle to Kerry, Forseti, and Valiance. Each received a unique mask that was created just for the event. Crafted from oak and springtime leaves, they represent the spirit of all highlanders and their willingness to work hard for a common goal.


Albaren, Alkahina, Cyno, Daelin, Debbie, Delilah, Forseti, Helgi, Jethan, Kaylie, Kerry, Kishnar, Kronustarg, Lark, Lazarus, Lenix, Malsheck, Nevyn, Pyro, Sandman, Selvaris, Smaskir, Spolmit, Tidaril, Tora, Ulfr, Valdurb, Valiance, Vinadi, and Voladol.

I wish to offer special thanks to:
Valiance and Kaylie for providing the wonderful masks to commemorate this day,
Anki and Lenix for providing plenty of drink to go around,
everyone that attended and worked to make this event a huge success,
and Voladol for greeting and directing everyone as they arrived.

I look forward to preparing and planning more of these events in the future. Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm, support and help.

There have been many people who have contributed parts for the ships and for the wood project in general. I have a full list of everyone that has contributed in any way and they will all be acknowledged and listed for all to see, hopefully in the woodpedia, once the project is complete.

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Re: Lakeside Shipbuilding Event

Post by Jethil » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:16 pm

Great event. Well organized and had fun. Even if I didn't win one of those great masks.

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Re: Lakeside Shipbuilding Event

Post by LostTaco » Mon Nov 19, 2018 9:46 pm

*thumbs up*

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Re: Lakeside Shipbuilding Event

Post by Spolmit » Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:44 pm

Delilah, it is a pleasure to take part in such events and it is easy to turn up and enjoy the company of Mystic Highlands citizens.

What takes a lot more effort is the planning and organising and for that I give you many thanks.

With luck we will have more events like this!

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Re: Lakeside Shipbuilding Event

Post by Voladol » Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:53 pm

Thank you again Delilah for hosting the event, it was alot of fun. I look forward to many more community gatherings in the future. Does not matter if we kill a dragon, sell some goods or just have a good time making ships, its always fun!

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Re: Lakeside Shipbuilding Event

Post by Albaren » Thu Nov 22, 2018 7:36 pm

Great event, so chilled and relaxed. I even managed to grab myself a nice slice of 90ql pie. It was beautiful. Still not sure about Val winning the raffle though. Like the boats we built, it seemed to be rigged ;)

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