Knightmare Castle

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Knightmare Castle

Post by Draknor » Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:32 am

Old rumours call to a lonely castle that broods over the waters of a desolate mere, somewhere in the north of the realm.

Why the castle was abandoned is not known, but there are whispers of a curse, and an infestation of horrors. The only soul who could answer such questions, perhaps, is the old ferryman who still plies his trade on the lake there — yet it is said that he has not spoken a word for decades.

Visitors to the castle speak of an interior well-appointed and furnished, yet strangely well preserved across the years. It is said that there are precious gems to be found hidden in obscure spots throughout... but for the unwary and the uninvited, danger lurks too.

Penetrating to the core of the mystery is baffled by the labyrinthine layout. It is certain that many rooms are locked, and it is whispered that the secrets they contain may call for more than a simple key.