All about Bees

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All about Bees

Post by Valiance » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:09 am

This is copied from a post by Mithika off our old forums.

Capturing bees has a few great benefits, such as improving crop yields, and providing access to beeswax and honey locally. The system for bees might seem a bit daunting though, so here's a simple breakdown of how they work.

+ A wild hive has two main states, active and noisy active.
- "Noisy" (some people refer to this as swarming) hives are the easiest to capture, as they have two queens. Queens don't like sharing house, so they will move into any domestic hive placed near them, no matter the quality difference.
- An active hive that isn't noisy will only move to a domestic hive if the domestic hive is of a higher quality (queens want nicer houses of course!).

+ Hives can be manipulated.
- Second queens are spawned by a hive having a surplus of honey. Hives produce honey largely based on the flowers around them, as well as fruit trees, bushes and crops.

- If you cannot beat the QL of a wild hive, you can encourage it to produce a second queen by providing them with more flowers. Cut down (non fruit) trees around the hive and replace them with flowers. Do not take honey from the hive! To make a second queen, the hive needs lots of honey.

+ Hive Placement.
- When taking a queen from a wild hive, domestic hives should be placed as close as possible to the wild one. Push it into place.
- Hive radius is based on its quality. When using hives to increase crop yields, be sure to center them to reach more crops!

+ Tools of the trade.
- Beesmoker : The quality of your beesmoker does not matter, however make sure it is lit when interacting with a hive. It only needs to be lit, not activated.
- Sugar : In a domesticated hive bees need food. They will eat their honey, or you can provide them with sugar that they will usually eat instead. If you take all of the honey out of your domestic hive, make sure they have sugar.

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