The Auction

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The Auction

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The Auction
The auction is an event which happens at the Auction House south of Safehold. It is organised every few weeks by Valiance and Kaylie and usually happens on a Saturday or Sunday. For the event to proceed, between 12 and 20 lots are needed.

How to submit a lot:
This event allows gatherers, crafters and priests alike to show off their skills and speciality. Which is why you can only submit items you had a direct hand in creating. Please keep the items you submitted a secret. This way we avoid buyers holding out for specific items, and every lot is a surprise.

Starting from the Monday before the event, lots can be submitted to Valiance by way of a private message (/tell). Examine the item or items you wish to sell, and tell Valiance their QL, material type, traits, colour, rarity or any other applicable properties. Valiance will ask you for the reserve price of all submitted items, and combines them into a single lot. The reserve price is the minimum amount of coppers you'll sell the lot for. Should no bidders go over this price, the lot won't be sold.

If you are not sure about your pricing, feel free to use the Trade channel for a PC (price check). Or ask a friend. As the auctioneer, Valiance and Kaylie are prohibited of giving advise in this matter. When asking in Trade chat, do not mention you're asking for the auction, not only would it publicize your submission, but you might get very deflated prices.

You have the opportunity to submit a lot till the day before the auction.

Don't know what to offer? Here's a tip:
Anyone has something to offer and can submit a lot. Crafting material like grass, stone shards, bricks, logs, planks and nails are always popular, They make a great way for newcomers to practice their skill and make some good money on the side. More specialized crafters usually create one or two high quality items to sell.
Don't be surprised when after the auction you receive messages asking to buy more items like the ones you offered at the auction.

The Auction:
Valiance, the Auctioneer, is very punctual. Please make sure to arrive at the event in time, specially when you are a seller. Right before the auction starts, Valiance and Kaylie make sure all sellers are present. If you're late, chances are your lot will be taken out of the line-up.

The Auctioneer will sell one lot at a time, announcing the detailed content, opening bid and the bidding increments. At this point all attendees can bid on the lot. When there are competing bids, the Auctioneer will respect the one he heard first. When the bids slow down, he can decide to adjust the increments or start closing. When closing he will yell "going once", "going twice", "sold to x". New bids can be placed as long as the Auctioneer hasn't confirmed the sale in this way. After each bid during this time, the Auctioneer will restart the closing process.

After all lots have passed, the Auctioneer will announce the seller of each lot, the proceeds and the winner. Winners and sellers are encouraged to complete their transaction within 48h, or be liable for sanctions from the Auctioneer. It's customary for sellers to bring their lot to the auction, this way the trades can be easily completed at the Safehold token.

General housekeeping and rules:
  • A single lot can contain as many different items as you like, as long as they can be described in a single line of text.
  • Only one character per player can participate at the auction with a single lot.
  • The character selling their lot has to be the main creator of these items. Lots that are composed of different items by different characters aren't accepted.
  • Don't bid on your own items.
  • No animals or carts are allowed inside the Auction House.
  • Please refrain from using skills (improving/crafting) during the auction.
  • The auction is performed in Local Chat. Keep in mind that this chat is role-play only. No smilies, links or other meta-talk please.
  • Each player may only win 3 items, if you have already won 3 items you are not allowed to bid on another item unless, an item gets no bids and will be withdrawn, players who have already won 3 items will be asked if they want the item for entry amount, if more than one players in this situation, they can start their own bid war.

  • I submitted items to auction, but something came up and I can't make it. What now?
    Contact Valiance before the auction starts and let him know you withdraw.
  • What do you mean with "a direct hand in creating"?
    Let me give you a few examples. A miner has the direct hand in the gathering of iron ore, not the weapon someone else makes with it. A smith has a direct hand in the tools he makes, but not the enchantments that are put on it. A priest has a direct hand in the enchanted tools he creates.
    In the same vein, buying an item and improving its quality doesn't give you a direct hand in its creation.
  • Can't I just assign someone to sell my items for me?
    The auction is an opportunity to showcase your own skill and speciality. Often people contact sellers for new trades for items like the ones have been sold. This aspect would be lost when anyone can sell anything someone else made, either as a seller or straw-man.
  • Why can't I sell things another player or alt made?
    See the answer above.
  • Can I sell animals?
    Selling animals is perfectly fine. Make sure to tell the Auctioneer about any positive or negative traits they have.