Ahoy me treasure hunters

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Ahoy me treasure hunters

Post by Grognik » Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:46 pm

Hear yee one hear yee all highlanders

So its rumours ye hear round the highlands that the first treasure map be had found by a new citizen of the lands.

It is to be ey that these rumours are true for Grognik has found it.Be in the wee morn hours of last it twas.Minding me own business just throwing me pick in that mine at Safehold lonely morn it twas too all quiet in town and all.

Then struck a wee bit good karma i must,source crystals started falling in me eyes from above me mining that ceiling i had to stop n wipe me bleemin eyes.Thens me felt this strange feeling like being inspired and all that stuff,So i gave that ceiling ones more hard knock and there it twas just cames floating down into mes hands.... :o Whats dis me's thinks .... Thems gods are trickin young Grognik ey's me thinks.

So's me looked once more at dis paper ... and it is ... it be a bleeming treasure map :D ... Well strike me lucky i thought.

Id heard bout dee's maps while dropping me ears and poking my new nose round town and stuff ... but i was like .... mmwwah ... doubt it to be true's me thought.

Nows me got dis map me not be knowing what to do with me self... being a young citizen to the highlands not sure if me's could manage those nasty buggers guarding me treasure and all ya see.

So whats me's finking is,, :idea: I might sell it,, fetch me a good be bit a silver it would ... then i finks i might take that map to the next auction day ... thens me also finks i could auction off who would like to come's hunter with me for a 70/30 :twisted: ..,, cough,cough .... :oops: oops ey say i meant 50/50 :lol: share in me's treasure's.

Thinks me better bury me map in's de mean time till's me know's what to do with it

P.S ..... I wasnt sure were to put this post so sorry if its in the wrong thread


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Re: Ahoy me treasure hunters

Post by Spolmit » Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:38 pm

Congratulations Grognik.

Love the story of your good luck.

Good luck with finding a citizen brave enough to face the perils with you!

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Re: Ahoy me treasure hunters

Post by Delilah » Wed Feb 27, 2019 3:38 am

Hello Grognik. How wonderful! Did you find someone to help you with the map? If not, let me know. I would be happy to accompany you.

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