Telnoir Manufactory

Want to trade items or physical labour for coin or resources? Advertise here.
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Telnoir Manufactory

Post by Syriea » Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:00 am

The Village of Telnoir seeks to provide avid wanderers with a supplement of goods; Both of bulk manufacture and custom order
If you have found our flyer, congratulations.

We are a small manufacturing center located west of The Blackbeak Rocks along the coastline.
If you cannot find us, please feel free to DM me for the exact location. Either on Syriea of Isabella.
We specialize in both bulk good and special orders for low prices. Offering Pottery, Tool Smiting, and Masonry as our specialties. While we cannot produce anything magnificent, we will return created wares in a rather short time frame. Prices for bulk goods will be listed as followed. If the item you seek is not on the list, please leave us some sort of message. I'm sure we can come to an arrangement with you. We do accept bartering for items and bulk materials as a form of payment.

  • Mortar: 2i each. Minimum Order 300
  • Logs: 2i per 5ql. Minimum Order 150
  • Rock Shards: 5i per 5ql. Minimum Order 150
  • Stone Bricks: 5i each. Minimum Order 150
  • Clay: 2i per 10ql. Minimum Order 300
  • Pottery Bricks: 5i each. Minimum Order 150
  • Pottery Roofing Tiles: 5i each. Minimum Order 150
  • Iron Ore: 5i per 5ql. Minimum Order 150
  • Copper Ore: 5i per 5ql. Minimum Order 150
  • Small Nails 4i each. Minimum Order 150
  • Large Nails 8i each. Minimum Order 150

All prices are specified in by unit or per each.

Custom Orders

All tools will be made with Iron unless specified by the client. As we cannot produce high quality alloys, all prices will be passed on to the customer.
  • Blacksmithing: 1c Base, 1c per 5ql above 10.
  • Wooden Tools: 1c Base. 1c per 5ql above 10.
  • Pottery Orders: 2c per item. 1c per 5ql above 10.

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