Peakrest Leatherwork & Tannery

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Peakrest Leatherwork & Tannery

Post by Rauthr » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:32 am

Pricing for higher qualities added as they become available to me.


"creation" QL = 10c/per
Specific/higher QLs = Discuss with Rauthr.

40ql = 50c (4 slots) (1.25c/ql)
50ql = 80c (5 slots) (1.6c/ql)
60ql = 1.2s (6 slots) (2c/ql)
70ql = 1.75s (7 slots) (2.5c/ql)
80ql = 3s (8 slots) (3.75c/ql)

50ql = 80c (1.6c/ql)
60ql = 1.2s (2c/ql)
70ql = 1.75s (2.5c/ql)
80ql = 3s (3.75c/ql)
+ Saddle bags = 20c extra

Armour (leather, studded, drake*):
40ql = 20c/item (1s 80c full set 9 items)
50ql = 35c/item (3s 15c full set 9 items)
60ql = 50c/item (4s 50c full set 9 items)
70ql = 70c/item (6s 30c full set 9 items)
80ql = 2s/item (18s for full set 9 items)

Amour, drake basic creation:
10c/item (90c for full set 9 items)

*you have to provide materials for drake.

Drake comes with a risk of failure, bring more material than absolutely needed for what you want.


Items (toolbelts, saddles, etc.):

Imp to:
40ql = 40c/item
50ql = 70c/item
60ql = 1.1s/item
70ql = 1.65s/item
80ql = 2.9s/item

Imp to less than 10ql:
40ql = 10c/item
50ql = 30c/item
60ql = 40c/item
70ql = 55c/item
80ql = 1.25s/item

Imp to less than 5ql:
40ql = 5c/item
50ql = 15c/item
60ql = 20c/item
70ql = 27.5c/item
80ql = 62.5c/item

Armour (leather, studded, drake):

Imp to:
40ql = 15c/item.
50ql = 26c/item.
60ql = 37c/item.
70ql = 52c per item.
80ql = 1s 50c per item.

Imp less than 10ql to:
40ql = 10c/item.
50ql = 17c/item.
60ql = 25c/item.
70ql = 35c per item.
80ql = 1s per item.

Imp less than 5ql to:
40ql = 5c/item.
50ql = 8c/item.
60ql = 12c/item.
70ql = 17c per item.
80ql - 50c per item.

"Why are non-armour prices so high?"
For toolbelts, it's a one time purchase after which you won't need to have it imped for life. For saddles especially, it takes quite a lot of material to make and improve.

All that said, prices may drop as I get higher skill or build stock; Don't wait for it, I'm in no rush.

Armour pricing heavily inspired by Valiance, in turn inspired by Greensteel (because it makes sense).
60c bounty for spotting mistakes/inconsistencies in this thread, PM Rauthr.

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Re: Peakrest Leatherwork & Tannery

Post by Rauthr » Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:52 pm

Updated prices (lowered ever so slightly)
Added 80ql prices (high!)
Added rugs (cheap!)

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