Snowbound building supply and labor hiring (Closed Temp)

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Snowbound building supply and labor hiring (Closed Temp)

Post by Vilhelm » Sun May 26, 2019 6:47 am

Temporarily closed due to relocation

Hear ye! Hear ye! Snowbound Building supply is now open. We provide low cost basic building materials and labor to fit your job's needs. Don't feel like Chopping down that forest and turning it all into planks and shafts? Message Vilhelm! Just need some rock shards or bricks to finish that project? Drop us a line! Want to pull your hair out from making mortar! Let us make it (we won't pull your hair out unless you pay extra). Pricing is somewhat negotiable, bulk can be much cheaper! Any recommendations or requests are always welcome.

Current Products and their Prices: Bulk Pricing (1k or more) available!!

Mortar 40 iron each

Logs (24kg) 20 iron each

Planks 10 Iron each

Shafts 5 iron each

Shards/Bricks/Slabs 1 /2 /5 iron each

Mined Ores Max Q approx 53 5 iron each
Iron, Tin, Copper, Zinc, Silver, Lead

Rock salt 1 iron each
Ground 1.5 Iron each

Labor costs are negotiable.

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