Steel, Brass, Bronze and Electrum

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Steel, Brass, Bronze and Electrum

Post by EmilyBlack » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:42 pm

I sell Steel, Brass Bronze and electrum

got steel from 30 ql to 85 ql

steel prices
Low ql, (1-50) 50c 100 lumps. will reduce the price if you buy more than 300 lumps
imp ql (50-60) 1s50c 100 lumps
imp ql (60-70) 3 100 lumps
imp ql (70-80) 1s 10 lumps
imp ql (80-90) 1s50c 10 lumps

Brass, Bronze and Electrum on demand.

Brass Bronze will be cheap, Electrum expensive

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