Earning coins on Mystic Highlands

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Earning coins on Mystic Highlands

Post by Iolo » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:43 am

Mystic Highlands is home to a vibrant and dynamic economy. Money, often called coins, can be used to pay for a variety of things. Most importantly there’s your deed upkeep, you can also buy goods or services from other players, or spend some coins at the various merchants.

It can be a bit daunting for newcomers to find an efficient way through our dynamic economy, which is why we’ve composed this guide. We’ll give you some tips, tricks and common practices to help you make money efficiently.

Starting out:
  • Combat
    The largest source of money on Mystic Highlands is combat. Killing animals and monsters in the wild will give you the King’s Bounty of a few coppers, depending on the difficulty of the monster. When you use the help of guards or other people, the bounty will be divided over all the attackers, but remains a good source of income and skill. Make sure to bury the corpses of slain creatures. This will net you another 25 irons from the King’s Bounty.
    Besides the Bounty, defeating a monster and burying it each give you a small chance to get an extra reward, ranging from 5 copper to 1 silver. You will notice a ‘Moment of Inspiration’ and the coin itself will be rare or supreme quality.

    Foraging and botanising have a chance to give you a coin with a Moment of Inspiration as well. As a fighter you will often use these skills to find ingredients for healing covers.

    To help newcomers gain skill, the King has ordered the construction of a Training Academy at Safehold. This academy has Practice Dolls which can be used to train your weapon and fighting skill to 20. Combat in Wurm is more involved that it seems at first glance. The quality of weapons, armour and your ability to ride a horse will make a big difference in fights. Therefore, depending on your character and background, it might be a good idea to invest in good equipment early.

    Dungeons are a sure place to find monsters and get a good pay. Once you've cleared a dungeon, you can repeat it for more coin and experience. When you’ve trained your fighting skill a bit, you can test your mettle in the Crypt. You can find our guide for the Crypt here.
    There are other repeatable dungeons in Mystic Highlands. More on that later.
  • Pacifist
    Though having some combat skill will help you in the long run, you don’t need to become a professional fighter to make money. Mystic Highlands’ economy is such that there’s room for anyone to make some coin. Though you’ll have to keep an eye out for deals or work that you can handle.

    Gaining the necessary skills without a source of income can be hard. This is why the King subsidises the Taskmasters. You can sell items you craft to these merchants in the camp to the North-West of Safehold. They will buy wooden planks, large iron nails, pottery flasks, cotton and bread and give you 8 iron per item. This means that you can get yourself 1 silver coin for 1250 of any of these items. This is particularly useful if you are practising the related skills anyway and have the items to spare. The pay for these items might seem low, but the item quality plays no part in the price, making this an excellent way to get rid of very low quality items.

    Taskmasters aren’t the only one buying materials. Listen to people talking and look out for trade requests. You never know what odd or unusual services people may be willing to offer compensation for. Even if you have no intention of buying or selling anything yet, keep listening. Try to remember some of the prices you hear, as well as what kind of items are offered a lot and what items are in demand. Trading and performing manual labour is a great way to make new friends. Happy customers are returning customers!
    Don’t take on anything and everything that comes your way, unless time permits. It’s generally better to focus on one or two skills that you’re interested in. Don’t be purely focussed on coins either. Maybe a deal can be worked out where you do some digging in return for higher quality logs that you need.

    While digging or mining you have a chance to find a gem. You can sell these gems to the pirates at the Safehold Harbour. They will pay 10c for gems of any quality. Our advice is to try to sell gems of a greater quality than 10 to priests. Gems are very useful for them, meaning they’ll pay a fair price.
  • Events
    Valiance and Kaylie take great care to make public events accessible to anyone of any skill. Sometimes all participants at events receive a reward, but most times only the top three contestants win prizes. Events range from a fishing contest, obstacle runs to archery contests. Winners of an event will always go home with some extra silver.
    Sometimes guards or scouts will warn the King of an infestation or pending invasion. The King will then call out for people to organise and fight.

Advanced tips:
  • Treasure chests (Currently Inactive)
    While mining, digging, fishing or fighting monsters, you have a small chance to discover a Treasure Map. With a map in hand you can go looking for the Treasure Chest that it belongs to. Treasure Chests are a good source of wealth, sleep powders and exotic materials. Maps can be sold to other players for various amounts depending on its quality. The higher quality maps lead to more valuable treasure which is guarded by higher difficulty monsters, so trying to uncover the treasure yourself is always a risky but rewarding option.
  • Rare items
    In a previous chapter we explained what Moments of Inspiration (MoI) do for Fighting, Burying, Foraging and Botanising. However, every skill you can use has a small chance to have this effect. A MoI combined with a successful action usually results in a rare item. If you were gathering resources, you’ll receive a rare, supreme or fantastic material of the kind you were gathering. When crafting, the item or tool has a chance to become rare as well.

    While a rare tool might get you some silvers, rare crafting materials or resources are considerably less valuable. Materials (planks, handles, sword blades) have to be used while crafting another item, resulting in a smaller chance to actually get a rare tool. Rare resources (logs, shards, ores) usually can’t be made to create rare items from. Instead they’re used to improve the quality of existing items, and hopefully rubbing off some of their rareness on them.
  • Dungeons and Points of Interest
    Several dungeons exist in Mystic Highlands, each requiring a different skill level to complete.
    • The Crypt : as mentioned earlier, this is the starter dungeon for people with relatively low fighting skill.
    • Knightmare Castle : An intermediate dungeon, less focussed on combat. While there are some guardians, most of the castle is a large puzzle.
    • The Perilous Paths : This maze is a more advanced dungeon. Don’t even attempt this one under 70 fighting skill and without 50+QL equipment.
  • Speciality, and your own merchant
    A skilled crafts(wo)man will be in high demand. But even they need sleep. At the trader in Safehold you can buy a merchant contract for 10s. This contract lets you hire a merchant that can be placed on your deed. Having a deed that’s easy to reach with a supplied merchant is bound to get you some good trades. Make sure people are aware of your speciality and the quality you can deliver.
Good luck!

A big thanks to Shay for the initial draft and many of the ideas in this guide.

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