1.9 Update + more

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1.9 Update + more

Post by Valiance » Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:26 am

Greetings Highlanders below are some things we have updated on Mystic Highlands and also a link to the new official update patch notes.

When Winter ends the farm tick timer should no longer go out of sync, plus if the server does have to go down, we now have a way to force a farm tick without rebooting the server.

Some of the taxidermy mobs that people preserved from our treasure hunting mod were too large, they have been reduced to what we feel is a better size.

Any new dead creatures and butchered creatures that have been preserved can now be placed on top of things (We are still looking into preserved animated corpses).

Hot food and Hot drinks will now help to warm you up faster during Winter, do not underestimate this.

New player buffs should now show and be working correctly on first login.

The lazy tower guards that tell you they are coming to help have been scolded by the Princess and told to no longer tell their lies! Only guards that are coming to assist will now shout out to tell you.

We have also added 5 new titles for people who have donated large amounts of money overtime. Titles are :-

Royal Justicar
Guardian of the New Age
Elder of the Stars
Cardinal of Heaven
Herald of the Titans

Due to crazy influxes of coin bounties have been reduced by 25%, we are working on some money sinks for the server, so maybe bounties will increase again in the near future.

Many thanks to Eoforwic for all his hard work getting these fixes and updates in :)

Below is a link to all the patch notes for the official update, beware its large, its over 6 months worth. Enjoy.

https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php? ... otes-1915/

I hope to see you all in Mystic Highlands soon!

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