Christmas update 2017

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Christmas update 2017

Post by Valiance » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:05 pm

Mystic Highlands now have some new NPCs, these NPCs are called Retainers. Retainers are VERY versatile and will soon be available for players to purchase in the same way that merchants are purchased. Below is a way they can be used...(Not all implemented yet) (We will make the retainers available to the public asap)
They can be given any type of clothing and armour and they will wear it (No more cloned NPCs) !
They can be used to make announcements in local, the announcement is whatever you want it to be. You can change the frequency of the announcement, and they will speak in local.
You can talk to any retainer and they will tell you some gossip. It is actually the rules spoken in a roleplay way.
GMs can use them to make some very useful aditions to missions.
(Coming Soon) Retainers will be able to be used to sell food and drink without such a harsh decay! Something regular merchants cannot do.
(Coming Soon) A Retainer will be used at all portals so that you can temporarily hire a horse for a fee until you take the horse back to them, when you will get a portion of your money back, very useful for travelling and hunting.
You can see the retainers in action at the Christmas Festival Village, they are super useful and being made more and more powerful all the time.
Must take this opportunity to say this, Eloshan you totally are amazing at modding, and myself and Kaylie are very honoured to have you working on mods for Mystic Highlands without you, much of this would not be possible, you really are a Shining Star <3

Next up, we are now able to place items on top of things ! The items below can have other items placed on top of them....

Round Marble Table
Tripod Table
Rectangular Marble Table
Round Table
Bedside Table
Square Table
Dining Table
Small Barrel
Small Crate
Large Crate
Bulk Storage Bin
Low Bookshelf

The Christmas Festival Village is now open until January 2nd !

Get to Safehold, take a closer look at the Christmas Tree outside The Thirsty Goblin Inn. If you have been good this year you will find yourself at the Christmas Festival Village.
There is lots to do, lots of chatter going on, make sure to read local, lots of people there giving you hints and advice and some just wishing you well !
Enjoy some drinks and foods, meet other players there, amazing chance to roleplay.
Take part in the games there.
Make sure to grab any goodies on offer, and find out some secrets !
We are not going to reveal too much about it, thats for you all as a community to find out :)
Santa will be arriving on the 23rd of December, or so we are told ! The team cannot wait ! We love Santa.... ! We you ?

Merry Christmas and good luck.

IMPORTANT : - Do NOT put Holiday coins in the bank or you will lose them, they are not normal currency.

Valiance and Kaylie.

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