2017/09/09 - Winter is here

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2017/09/09 - Winter is here

Post by Iolo » Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:35 pm

The winds have changed and Mystic Highlands gets covered in a cold, wet blanket. In a few days snow will start to fall.
Take heed, brave citizens! If you're unsure about what to do, this guide will offer some good advice!

The temperature isn't all that's changed though! Through her connections with the trading guild, Arcadia has developed and introduced new recipes into the culture of Mystic Highlands. While you won't be able to straight out buy the recipes from her or her colleagues, or find them in your recipe book, you will be able to discover these recipes for yourself.

Arcadia experimenting with new recipes.

These are the names of the recipes she has developed. Who will be the first to discover how they're made, and add them to their recipe book?
Hidden RecipesShow
- Highland Stew.
- Highland Beer.
- Pigs in Blankets.
- Vol Au Vent.
- Coffee Bean
- Roasted Coffee Bean.
- Ground Coffee.
- Coffee.
- Espresso.
- Latte.
- Caffe Americano.
- Fika.
- Peanut.
- Roasted Peanut.
- Peanut Butter.
- Peanut Butter Sandwich.
- Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

Last but certainly not least, the King has a special proclamation as well:
Henceforth the town of Safehold shall be host to a combat academy. The necromancer's horde has been the cause of too many causalities and too much sorrow. All inhabitants of Mystic Highlands will now be allowed to train their weapon of choice without tax or charge at Safehold's academy. After training, citizens can prove their worth in combat at the Crypt, a source of the most foul magic. But, should you succeed, don't get over-confident! The Crypt is nothing compared to the Necromancer's other onslaughts. The King hopes everyone will seize this opportunity to hone their skills, so they'll be to able easily defeat the many monsters in the Crypt, the overrun Knightmare Castle and eventually, The Perilous Paths.

Thank you Eloshan for providing the means for adding custom recipes to the server. And thank you Valiance and Kaylie for your strive to enhance our Mystic Highlands-experience.

- Iolo

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