Update 25th April 2018

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Update 25th April 2018

Post by Valiance » Wed Apr 25, 2018 7:16 am

Greetings all :)

It is time for us to apply another update to our server, the details can be found below, enjoy!


The Merchant Guild now deems Mystic Highlands worthy of contracting out some of their employee's, therefore, Retainer Contracts are now for sale, Merchant Annabelle in Safehold sells them for 10 silver coins each.

Retainers can be used for several different things :-

They can be used to make announcements for all to see who is close enough, they are very good at enticing customers to see their wares if they happen to have any, or simply to give a message to those nearby.

They can be used as a Bartender, to sell the drinks you create to other Highlanders that seek it.

They can be used as a Waiter, to sell the foods you create to other Highlanders that seek it.

For a more detailed guide on how to use a Retainer please follow this link to a guide Eloshan created :



The King is bestowing new titles to Highlanders, (Titles are based off the total real money donations you have made to Mystic Highlands to help pay to keep it running (You can still climb to add more titles to), you will recieve the title which you are listed as having on the website plus all those below the one you are listed as having, you can choose to have any of them displayed on your character in game. (We do not class a title as a pay to win, just a way for us to say thank you and show our appreciation).


NPCs like the ones around Safehold, are no longer seen in the local window, this allows you to see players who are in local more easily, the NPCs are still around though !


NPCs should no longer be moving around and changing position like they have been, they should get fixed in place.


We have further tweaked meditation gains, you should see another small increase in skill gains.


Please make sure to say a huge thank you to Eloshan for his hard work modding and also Tatus for his help with the website !

We hope you enjoy this update folks, happy Wurming :)

Valiance and Kaylie

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