2017/09/14 - Sandstone vein fix

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2017/09/14 - Sandstone vein fix

Post by Iolo » Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:10 am

Hello all,

Valiance, with Eloshan's help, looked into the issue with sandstone veins, and have found a solution.

After the next restart, all sandstone veins will take between 100 and 500 mining actions to deplete. This includes veins that have previously been set to 2000 actions.

Keeping in mind the rarity of slate and marble, and their yields, an average of 300 shards per sandstone vein was calculated. They are -after all- a lot more common.

According to tests done by Eloshan and Valiance, sandstone veins are fixed as expected. Though should you find any weird veins or side-effects, don't hesitate to contact the admin team on CA_Help.

This fix is a big quality of life improvement for new and experienced miners alike, while keeping the balance of Mystic Highlands intact.
Eloshan's expert programming skills made all of this possible, so please share with him your appreciation for his hard work.


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