Update 19th February 2019

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Update 19th February 2019

Post by Valiance » Tue Feb 19, 2019 7:45 pm

Treasure Hunting
Well met Highlanders, me name is Tanner Oakley an I be a bit of an ole hand at huntin fer treasure, made me a small fortune so I did.

Now me years are mainly behin me now, so i was figurin it be time to pass on me knowledge of this wonderful proffession to others.

Sooo you wanna be a treasure hunter do ye? Then, listen up to what I has to tell ye.

Afore ye can do anythin at all, ye gonna need a treasure map! Ye can't be findin no treasure without a map. Well now, I hear ye shoutin, where can I find me one?

Ok then...let me tell ye some of the ways ye might get lucky an find one of these beauties!

Ye might be out Fishin and find a bottle with a map in!
Maybe ye diggin some dirt and uncover one!
Ahh yes yes, ye could be minin and loosen a map from an old collapse!
Or even surface minin and chip away a loose bit o rock to find a map under it!
Mayhaps ye be choppin a tree and find yeself a little hollow in it and a map in there !
One day ye may be tendin to the crops and as ye till the earth ye might uncover an old dirty map!
Aha yes..I remember findin meself one or two maps whilst foraging and botanizing through the grass too, put me hand right on em I did!
Always remember as well, ye may be trackin a creature of sorts, mayhaps they have dropped something while travelling, a map even!
Oh and do not forget, hunting! Some of these beasts hold maps too, for the takin they be if you slay them!

Time to take a swig o me mead, thirsty work this talkin.

Right, so ye found yeself a map did ye? Ye cant make head nor tail of it though can ye ahahaha.

Oh afore I forget, a word of caution....some o these maps are tougher than others, heed me words now, I ave lost friends tryin to get treasures
thats beyond their skills, if ye think ye have a tougher map then take a friend or three with ye as ye trust.

Ok...grab yeself a compass, make sure to be usin the compass to navigate the map.

Now, make sure ye follow the readin that the compass gives, check it regular like, make sure yer still headin the right way, sooner or
later, your gonna come to the spot the treasure is buried at, if ye have used yer brains that is!

One thing I forget to tell ye, but I am sure ye cant be that silly...Ye brought yer shovel right? Ye aint gonna be diggin up no treasure if ye aint
got a shovel!

So, you think yer on the spot where the treasure is buried....wait a minute, mayhaps im gettin ahead o meself..

These treasures are ALWAYS guarded be a variety of nasties...the tougher the map, the tougher the nasties..

Be ready to fight when ye dig up the treasure, ye wont be able to open the chest until all the guardians are dispatched, I have never known why, my
guess is its some kind of sorcery from bygone days.
If ye take too long to kill em all, they will simply take the chest and walk away from ye, and
ye will have missed ye chance!

Ok...so now ye know whats gonna happen, let me be telling ye this, once you reach that spot, that lovely holy spot where ye can almost smell the treasure
hidden beneath ye feet, take ye shovel and start diggin (activate the shovel and use it on the map). Stand to the ready, for as soon as you dig it up, the guardians
will pounce.

Now the fight is on! Ye must dispatch em all afore ye can open the chest, remember this, riches can await ye in this chest!

So you killed em all eh? Well done Highlander! A glorious day this will be indeed.

What ye be waiting for? Open the chest and sift through the treasure!

Now, some chests can have very little in, but some...well, some made me the man I am today, some rare treasures I have found fer sure!

Well...look at the time, I must be heading out now, good luck to ye all, may you find many treasures and live a long and prosperous life.

This mod was created by Eoforwic and specially changed in almost every way to suit Mystic Highlands needs, he wanted to
give this as a donation to Mystic Highlands, so please make sure to thank Eorforwic when you see him, this is one fantastic
piece of work!

Eoforwic, Kaylie and I would like to thank you greatly for this kind donation :)

Also we need to thank Elias too as he also put in some work to change this mod for us, so thank you also Elias!

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Re: Update 19th February 2019

Post by Valiance » Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:21 am

Treasure maps can now be found from Archaeology.

Tower Guards and Spirit Templars will no longer aid in killing Treasure Guardians.

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