2017/09/17 - Safehold Rock Mine

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2017/09/17 - Safehold Rock Mine

Post by Iolo » Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:49 pm

Hello all,

During excavation in the Safehold mine, a corridor opened into a small cave. Prospecting the cave exposed no ores nearby, and determined that the cave walls and ceilings were very unstable. As the cave will often have collapsed tiles, it's considered ideal to use as a resource for rock shards. For this same reason, it would be very wise for miners to not leave anything in this mine. Chests and BSBs, and certainly abandoned carts, would get crushed very quickly.

The instability of the cave makes it unsuitable for skilled miners. The vibrations from their quicker and stronger actions would add too much instability to the area. Instead, their skills could be very valuable in the Community Tunnel Project

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