2017/10/29 - The Halloween Update

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2017/10/29 - The Halloween Update

Post by Iolo » Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:58 pm

A mysterious new figure, the Pumpkin King has appeared. His visit coinsides with more undead activity at the Safehold Graveyard. Citizens are worried that these events are linked, but the King of Mystic Highlands and his Magicians are convinced the necromancer is behind the daily unrest at the Graveyard. Until the Necromancer is defeated, the unrest at the Graveyard will continue, long after the Pumpkin King has dissapeared again.

So far, the Pumpkin King seems benign, showering all who visits him with gifts. There also have been reports of new recipes appearing on certain slain creatures, but not much detail is known of this yet. The Magicians, however, report that these recipes are linked to the Pumpkin King's magic. They want to encourage everyone to find them while they can.

Valiance, Kaylie and Eloshan have been hard at work, changing some mods and adding more to others:
  • You can now check how much bounty you have earned since you logged on, simply type /bounty to see.
  • The Crypt, Knightmare Castle and The Perilous Paths will all auto clear mobs that have been left alive every hour, if a player is still inside a place, then that place will not be cleared.
  • The Seasons Monitor has also been updated to show how long until its cold, how long the cold will last, and time until the next farming tick, when you now type /time or press F6, you will see this new format.
    It is currently winter. 41 days remain until spring. It is cold, and will remain so for 48 days.
    Time until next farm tick is 17 hours and 40 minutes.
    It is 09:13:25 on day of the Wurm in week 2 of the starfall of Silence in the year of 980.
  • The Winter mod has now been synchronized to work better with the seasons monitor.
  • We have implemented an anti cheat mod so that some client mods do not work and others are easily detectable by us.
  • We have temporarily removed the Treasure Hunting mod as it has a serious memory leak, we are looking to try and fix it and get it back in as soon as we can.

And last, but not least, a message from Valiance and Kaylie:
Eloshan has been totally awesome as ever with our modding, I give him our idea's and he makes them come to life and sometimes puts his own spin on things too ! So please, make sure to thank him, I am sure he will appreciate it !
- Iolo

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