A new Point of Interest

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A new Point of Interest

Post by Valiance » Wed May 09, 2018 7:16 pm

Hi all,

Kaylie and myself have been hard at work over the past week or two working on something new for the server, so without further ado, here we go :)

As is known throughout the land the King is slowly dying from poison, and needs a cure that can only be found on a mysterious Goblin Alchemist's dead body.

Many of the inhabitants of Mystic Highlands have been searching high and low, killing every goblin that crosses their path, but yet to no avail, the Goblin Alchemist still evades them.

They have not been alone in this search, some of the Royal families' very own heroes have been out searching too, they also have had no luck in locating this cunning Goblin Alchemist. However... they have discovered something from days gone by, something that maybe should have been left undiscovered, but now is too late.

They have uncovered a place of great evil, but also a place where great riches can be found, for the bravest of the brave...

This is another place which seems to have survived the great fire... Why would this be?... Perhaps that its location is so deep underground protected it. The heroes have reported that it is so dark that without a lantern to light the way, death will find the unwary adventurer quickly.

Princess Leofflaed has posted 2 of her most trusted friends to watch over this place, Jessica De'magio and Dwayne Hammerhand stand watch near the entrance. The entrance is to the North of The Tower of the Wanderer, go there if you dare, speak to the heroes stationed there. If they deem you worthy, they will unlock the gates, but be warned: This is not for the feint of heart!

What is this place? - you ask yourself - does it have a name? It has been given a name already... it is known simply as...

Arachnid Lair.

Please be warned, this place is for mid to high level fighters. If you do die in there you have 3 ways to recover your corpse, wait 24 real hours until you can go in again (You can only go in once per 24 real hours), summon the corpse with Karma (make sure you have enough), ask a friend to retrieve your corpse or even hire a mercenary to go get your belongings.

Please let us know feedback about this PoI, thanks ! :)

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