Update 16-6-18. Advanced Architecture Mod

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Update 16-6-18. Advanced Architecture Mod

Post by Valiance » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:42 pm

Greetings Highlanders,

We are now releasing a mod which we have worked diligently on and tested thoroughly, the mod is called Advanced Architecture, it is something we have been looking to add to Mystic Highlands for a long time now, but never quite been able to pull it off, thankfully, Elias has pulled off exactly what we were seeking, so a huge thank you to him for all his help and expertise! Without further ado, here is what the mod does.

Advanced Architect allows us to finally create larger buildings, but is still based off our carpentry skill, ever wanted to build ramparts around your deed? Maybe a cool looking castle? Or maybe a large building which stays connected to another large building ? Well now you can....this is how it works.

Planning houses in Vanilla Wurm is based off your carpentry skill, 1 point per floor tile plus 1 point per outer wall, so for a 1x1 you need 5 skill in carpentry (1 floor and 4 walls), for a 2x1 you need 8 carpentry (2 floors and 6 walls) etc, we have changed that now.

We always wanted a way to make larger buildings, but still keep some kind of restraint via skill, so what we have done, is you can now plan a building tile for every carpentry point that you have.

5 Carpentry is still needed to make your first house as you will get a message you do not know hot to build a house pre 5 skill.

But once you hit 5 you can make a 5 tile house if you wish, 50 skill a 50 tile house, etc etc

On Wurm Online the max size house you could make was 64 I think at around 99 skill, now on Mystic Highlands you could make a 99 tile building at 99 skill, or that same 64 Tile building at 64 Carpentry skill.

Multi story still works exactly the same.

We hope you enjoy this mod as much as we know we will.

Thanks again to Elias for all his help.

If you do happen to find a bug, please contact Valiance or Kaylie asap.

See you in Mystic Highlands.

Valiance and Kaylie.

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