27th October server update.

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27th October server update.

Post by Valiance » Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:55 pm

Greetings Highlanders,

It is that time again when Mystic Highlands once again gives us new things to discover and new problems...

So lets get into it...

First of all, Halloween events start tonight at midnight BST and will end November 3rd 23.59pm.

The dead will be rising from their graves at night, not only in Safehold Graveyard (Which is the only place you can find the elusive Hallwoeen recipes), but throughout the entire Highlands.

BEWARE !! Stay Alive, kill the undead alone or with friends, check the corpses of the dead then return them to the ground from whence they came !

Next up one of the merchants in Mystic Highlands has been granted the right by Princess Leofflaed and the Trade Guild to sell a great and powerful magical item, what does this magical item do
I hear you ask...then listen carefully and all will become clear.

Token of Translocation will allow you to have a teleportation tile on your deed which will lead to another tile on your deed, you will be able to choose the tile you stand on and the tile you
teleport to. If you own one of these Tokens please contact one of the Royal Mages (GMs) who will then assist in setting up your teleport tiles. You must relinquish the Token to the Royal Mage
for them to do this task.

Next on our list of new things are craftable Straw Bale Beds, these are very easy to make beds and are the entry level bed allowing for some small amount of sleep bonus, they also have a pretty

cool graphic. I wont disclose what is needed to make them, you can find that out in game, but the skill used is Farming skill.

Finally we have implemented a variable sleep bonus gain depending on the type of bed you sleep in and the quality of the bed, so the new Straw Bed is the worst, then the common bed

and finally the Canopy Bed is the best type. Quality of the beds will matter also. To begin with most of us will get less sleep bonus than we are used to, but there is potential to get a lot
more than we already get, so improve your beds as much as you can, or see a fine carpenter to help you out, maybe even upgrade to a better bed!

That is everything for this update folks, we really hope you enjoy this update and have a lot of fun !

Valiance and Kaylie.

Please make sure to also thank Elias for making our ideas come into fruition, he is a great guy ! Also a special thanks to Eoforwic for a last minute debugging run for us !

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Re: 27th October server update.

Post by Tatus » Sat Oct 27, 2018 9:31 pm

Thanks all of you: Valiance and Kaylie, Elias and Eoforwic for making this happen!

May the Pumpkin King, also known as "Pumpking", watch and protect y'all!

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