Debbie's Guide for New Players

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Debbie's Guide for New Players

Post by Aurora » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:56 am

Hi everyone, I am posting a guide Debbie said in Freedom chat before. I didn't see anyone do this before, but sorry if I missed it! I am just copying and pasting what Debbie said for now. I may make it look nicer in the future, but now I just want to do this so it is easier for new players to begin playing on the server. If anyone has any other information to add please reply here or pm me so I can add it! :D

Debbie's Guide

<Debbie> Before heading out from Safehold it is a good idea to do some stuff there.
<Debbie> Start by cutting down a tree, turning one log into shafts, and the rest into planks.
<Debbie> Take the woodscrap to the mine and put it in a bsb for fuel. mine some iron ore.
<Debbie> Smelt it down into lumps.
<Debbie> Go to the clay and dig some of it to make a few pottery bowls, and jars. the bowls hold 100 large nails each and the jars hold 100 small nails each. You will need them all.
<Debbie> Go back to the mine and put them in to become pottery. Make 2 hammers, a file, a frying pan, sickle, a scythe 100 each of large and small nails.
<Debbie> Go back to your pile of planks and shafts - opps you should have brought some shafts with you to make a few handles. - make a large cart.
<Debbie> Make a few buckets a small barrel and put them in the cart. Later when you can load them, make 5 small crates for your cart.
<Debbie> Go foraging, botanizing, cut grass, with your sickle.
<Debbie> Use the academy to get your fighting and weapons skills to 20 then go explore the sewer
<Debbie> Go down to the graveyard and use the crypt after talking to the npc above ground there. examine the statues.
<Debbie> Dig dirt, mine rock shards. Make bricks with your chisel that you can make.
<Debbie> Butcher and bury your kills - you get coins for a clean burial. use bury all if there is something you do not want.
<Debbie> Buckets can be used for holding water, meat, fruits, veggies, etc. a bowl will hold 100 cut grass.
<Debbie> A bucket holds 100 meat.
<Debbie> Take the tour.
<Debbie> Coins from the sewers, coins from the crypt, coins from moments of inspiration while foraging, botanizing, cutting grass, digging, mining...
<Debbie> If you want to be an archer, there is an archery range.
<Debbie> Do NOT go afk while using the academy, that is bannable.
<Debbie> Do NOT use bots or any other mod but livemap. All the approved ones are completely tested by Val before being put on and incorporated.
<Debbie> there is a peat pit north of Safehold.
<Debbie> There is a community mine south and up the road on the right hand side. Do not pass any veins, they must be finished first.
<Debbie> Do not litter. There are trash bins around. one is by the south gate.
<Debbie> Use the guards to help kill what you cannot.
<Debbie> bind <key> "say guards!"
<Debbie> Bind help or guards! so it will not matter which tab you are in. It only works in local.
<Debbie> Bind /mytemp as well. the cold of winter can kill you.
<Debbie> Save your ash, clean your heat sources to get more of it.
<Debbie> And do not forget to take the left over logs and shafts with you.
<Debbie> You will need them and the planks.
<Debbie> If there are more questions please use ca help. we are a friendly helpful lot here and will do our best to try to help you.

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