The Iron Emporium (local Safehold market)

Want to trade items or physical labour for coin or resources? Advertise here.
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The Iron Emporium (local Safehold market)

Post by Cody » Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:42 pm

Welcome! :)

All prices will be matched at the lowest rates available on the server. Prices are negotiable on bulk orders.

Location- South of Safehold, closely behind the Safehold Graveyard.

Services- 80ql+ blacksmithing
Iron blacksmithing- 50 iron coins per ql
Steel blacksmithing- prices may vary

BoTD orders coming soon!
What is BoTD? It's a must-have efficiency enchant!

Merchant Stock - 35c per 70ql tool.
The following items are consistently stocked in multiples:

Saw, hatchet, rake, large anvil, small anvil, file, stone chisel, knife, awl, leather knife
Horseshoes, padlocks, compass, rope, huge club, frying pans, meditation rugs

70ql rare rake 5s
70ql rare hammer 3s
70ql rare knife 1s
70ql rare needle 1s
4 70ql rare horseshoes 3s each (or 4 for 10s)
Treasure maps 50c per map level.

70ql whetstone 9c
90ql pelt 3c
All statuettes 25c
20kg cotton 4c
Thanks for visiting, your business is much appreciated! :D

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