Wurm Unlimited cooking recipes

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Wurm Unlimited cooking recipes

Post by Reskal » Tue Oct 08, 2019 7:01 am

Hi there,

2 months ago i made a sort of overhaul for the cooking recipes of WU. I only had a recipe list for Wurm Online and a russian WU-list, which was partially in english so i thought it would be helpful to have a complete and clear list for WU also.
I cooked all the recipes myself in WU so they work, only the red recipes are from another WU-server i assume, so they may not be possible here, but maybe they are. If you like, try it out and give me feedback please.
Also if i missed recipes, pls tell me here or ingame so i put them on the recipe list.
If a Admin or GM wants permission to make entries himself, pls give me your google-nickname and i put you on the list for edit-permissions.

For some reason i cannot post the link of the google sheet in here, its published anyways. Just copy the link and remove the space between the "/" and the "spreadsheets", the link should work then.

https://docs.google.com/ spreadsheets/d/1Vfgh-Jjj80pYt3yRiMaicG1GHT-NLWhZDft_QKLWD4c/edit#gid=0

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